Monk seal protection in the Eastern Mediterranean
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Monk seal protection in the Eastern Mediterranean

Dates / Project duration

April 2021 - March 2023 / 2 years




Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel

Project leader(s)

International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) ?


The Mediterranean monk seal is catalogued as endangered by the IUCN and its estimated population worldwide is ca. 700-800 animals. Greece, Cyprus and Turkey still maintain a large population of the species, with around 350-450 individuals. Even if considered as one, the reality is that this population is the sum of an unknown number of isolated subpopulations. After several years of monitoring in the Levantine and Ionian areas, the need to include countries where it is not known if sightings are a sign of the overall use of the species’ distribution range or of its expansion to new areas, to the actions and common projects, is evident.

This international project mobilises 10 partners throughout the Mediterranean to commonly monitor monk seal populations, reduce identified threats and share information using common indicators, methodologies and tools.

Cover photo : © Monk Seal Alliance - G.Lecoeur