Monk seal conservation in Cyprus - Phase III
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Monk seal conservation in Cyprus - Phase III

Dates / Project duration

April 2024 - March 2027 / 3 years


In progress



Project leader(s)

Enalia Physis Environmental Research Center ?


Touristic and other recreational activities are the main threats to the Mediterranean monk seal in Cyprus. In order to better understand those pressures and their impacts on the species, the project will study the physical disturbance and noise pollution that is primarily caused by touristic boats that take hundreds of tourists every day close to the seal caves. This will provide the first description of underwater soundscapes and physical disturbances on critical habitats of the Mediterranean monk seal in Cyprus and will provide relevant data on the acoustic environment, utilized by sound-reliant animals. Other interactions will be measured, such as those with the open-sea fish farming cages. With this data collected, Enalia Physis will educate and raise awareness of aquaculture stakeholders and touristic operators so as to improve the conservation status of the monk seal.