Mediterranean monk seal conservation program at Cap Blanc
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Mediterranean monk seal conservation program at Cap Blanc

Dates / Project duration

January 2021 - December 2023 / 3 years




Cap Blanc, Mauritania

Project leader(s)

Fundación CBD-Habitat ?


The main objective of the Monk Seal Conservation Program developed at Cabo Blanco peninsula is to improve the conservation status of this endangered species in the region and globally. 

The main and most essential element to provide protection to the monk seal colony is the permanent surveillance of the Coast of the Seals marine and terrestrial reserve, which protects the three breeding and resting caves. Constant monitoring of the population is also essential in order to obtain the main demographic parameters (population size, survival rates per age, reproductive rate, productivity, etc.), to evaluate the protection measures, to design new ones, and to detect new threats. Several methodologies have been developed under this action line, that are now benefiting other actors working in other monk seal populations (Madeira, Greece and Turkey). Furthermore, information and awareness of the public and fishermen in Mauritania is necessary to gain support to monk seal conservation measures. 

Finally, the Program is working for the creation of a network of new monk seal populations in open beaches through the Atlantic range that would improve the long-term survival probabilities of the species. This proposal will comprise some preparatory actions, notably the organization of a meeting of the working group of the Action Plan for the Atlantic, and field works to develop methodologies to fix animals in open beaches.